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Dear Transportation Professionals,

We are pleased to invite you to the city of Bhopal to participate in the 5th Conference of the Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG-2019) between 18 to 21 December, 2019. The objective of the conference is to create and provide a forum within India for interchange of ideas among researchers, educators, practitioners, managers, and policy-makers in transportation in India and around the world. We intend to cover a wide spectrum of topics related to transportation of people and freight.

Keynote speakers

Prof.Partha Chakroborty

Prof. Satish V Ukusuri

Prof. Shashi Nambisan

Prof. R Jayakrishnan

Prof.Geetam Tiwari

Dr. O.P Agrawal

Shri S.K. Lohia

Prof.Lelitha Devi

Prof.Murali Krishnan

Mr. V. K. Singh
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