Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Guidelines

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Title of the paper

Abstract: The title of the paper should be mentioned at the top of the page. The title should be written in Times New Roman font of 12 pt size, bold faced, sentence case, single spacing and center justified.  After the title, a space of 24 pt should to be provided. Please note that the author(s) details (like Name, email, affiliation, etc.) should NOT be provided in the entire body of the abstract. The abstract would start with the word 'Abstract:' written in bold and without indent. The abstract should be written in Times New Roman regular font of 12 pt size, single spacing and double justified. Avoid underline or highlights on the text. 

The abstract should consist of three to four paragraphs. The first paragraph should introduce the research problem, its background and the scope. The second (and, if required, the third and the fourth) paragraph(s) should broadly describe the methodology adopted, salient findings and contributions of the study. Each paragraph should start, without any indent, but with a 12pt line gap with respect to the last line of the previous paragraph. Promotion of any commercial product should be strictly avoided. The abstract should not contain any tables or figures. References should be avoided in the abstract. If, however, they are completely unavoidable, then the references should be listed briefly and as footnotes. In any case, please do not include more than three references. The reference list should include the authors name, journal/ conference title, and the volume and page numbers, wherever available. If the reference is to an online source then the appropriate URL should be mentioned. If abbreviations are used in the abstract, it should be put within parenthesis (where it is mentioned for the first time) immediately after the full form. The total length of the abstract should not exceed 800 words.

It is reiterated, that there should not be any indication about the authors' identity in entire abstract page. Further, provide the following information at the end.