Poster Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for technical paper poster presentation at CTRG 2019

  • Each presenter will be assigned a board (with the paper ID mentioned at the top) to place a poster of size 900mm (height) × 1200mm (width).
  • Top portion of poster should contain the heading ‘5th Conference of TRG’ with font size of 80pt. Next lines in top portion should contain title of the paper with font size 86pt and bold, authors’ names with font size not smaller than 60pt bold and their affiliations with font size not smaller than 40pt bold.  It is desirable to keep all fonts as Arial or Times New Roman. 
  • All main headings must not be smaller than 48ptbold. Font sizes in sub-headings must not be smaller than 40pt bold. Font sizes in main text must be no smaller than 30pt. Font size in figure and table titles should be no smaller than 32pt.
  • All letters must be easily readable from a distance of 1.5m.
  • Keep your statements concise and legible in your poster. You may use about 20% text, 40% graphics and 40% white space on your poster for an effective presentation.
  • You should print your poster in advance and bring to the venue. On-site printing service is NOT available. Please remember that the posters will be displayed in a public space. Thus, you are responsible for the security of your belongings.
  • Posters can be fixed using double-sided tape/ board pins. We will provide tapes/ pins for mounting. You will be responsible for promptly removing all material at the end of the session, otherwise those will be trashed; please leave your area in good condition for the next presenter


Poster Template