Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. Abstract can be submitted for review fromDecember5, 2018. The last date for submitting abstract in January31, 2018. For Formatting your abstract see: http://ctrg2019.trgindia.org/abstract-guidelines.php

  2. For submission of abstract in 5th CTRG, 2019 conference, the corresponding author (henceforth referred as ‘you’) will have to create an account in “https://easychair.org”.

  3. Go to the following URL to create an account and subsequently for submission: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ctrg2019.
    Click on “Sign up for an account”to create an account. Follow the necessary instructions and fill in the details as required.

  4. After creating an account and logging into your account, go to “My Submission”to submit an abstract.

  5. Provide all the required information and click on the tab “Submit”after attaching your abstract (in pdfformat only). Provide all the co-authors’ details also on this page.

  6.  If you want to submit another abstract (before logging out) then go to “My Submission”again and also complete step 5 again.

  7. Once you have submitted abstract(s) you can log out. If you want to submit another abstract at a later date then please log in to your account and got o “My Submission” again and also complete Step 5 again.

  8. The final results/acceptance of abstract will be notified by the chair of 5th CTRG, 2019 through email. The decision will also be notified in your “easychair” account. Expect the decisions to reach you  as per schedule available on http://ctrg2019.trgindia.org/CTRG-dates.php